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My name is Dave Milletti. My friends call me "Numbers" because Iíve been playing and analyzing lotteries for longer than I can remember.

So when I heard that a group of rogue mathematicians calling themselves the "Lotto Dragons" developed an incredible method that predicts lottery wins up to 89% of the time, I had to know more.

And when I dug into the details of the Lotto Dragonsí "True Alignment" method, I was downright amazed!

In the first of two, huge, documented tests, the True Alignment method picked 89 winners out of 100 games ... and brought in $47,650.00 cash winnings.

Then over a 3-month test period just last year, the True Alignment method raked in $56,510.00 ... without one, single loss.

(Want proof? Please check out these articles I copied for you below.)

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True Alignment is like having a time machine that gives you the winning numbers ahead of time

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You are virtually GUARANTEED TO WIN in specific situations where TWO factors evolve simultaneously ...

1) certain numbers are "very likely" to appear ... and

2) another group of numbers is "highly unlikely" to appear at the same time.

The Lotto Dragons call these special situations "True Alignment". And their True Alignment method shows you exactly how to identify these special situations (believe me, itís so easy a ten-year old could do it in about 5 minutes).

You donít need a computer, or even a calculator. If you can hold a pencil and count to ten, you can be on your way to riches.

Believe me, when True Alignment happens, you better be ready to pocket mountains of cash. Because the True Alignment method is proven to crank out big WINS for you virtually EVERY SINGLE TIME!

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The True Alignment method is like no other lottery method ever developed.

It virtually removes LUCK and GAMBLING from ANY lottery, and turns it into as close to a sure thing as you can get! Remember, it won over $104,000.00 for the Lotto Dragons in two documented tests. (Here's more proof!)

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